Who Is Rev. Terry Christian?

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Since dedicating his life to Jesus at 23 years of age, Terry Christian has been reading the red lettered version of the Gospels as recorded in the NKJV Bible. Even though Terry reads the whole Bible, his primary focus is on the words of Jesus and the example of His actions including Peter, James, John and Paul.

Personally, Terry will tell you that his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior has been pivotal in carrying him safely through his life difficulties.

Terry’s a former Motivational Speaker and Executive Trainer with over 20 years experience giving more than 2,500 presentations to private and public audiences across America and Canada.

Several years ago Terry retired as a public speaker after feeling the Holy Spirit redirecting his life. He was led to compose the book What Did Jesus Say using only the words from Jesus as recorded in the Bible and outlined in red.

As in all God called missions it took longer, cost more and challenged him to the edge of his faith. Now after 12 years of study, obedience, difficulty and struggle, his book is now available in Paperback, eBook, AudioBook and Kindle.

Today, Rev. Christian counsels individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. His life is now dedicated to helping his Christian brothers and sisters live in a never-ending state of peace, love, truth and forgiveness as followers of Jesus Christ. He says after repentance and being born again, this was the main message Jesus taught; and teaching the Way by the Word is the cornerstone on which his book and ministry is founded.

What Does He Believe?

*In His Own Words

I believe the Whole Bible is THE WORD OF GOD and ALL scripture is inspired by God. I believe that Jesus Christ is the SON of God and I trust everything HE SAID. He is my Lord and Savior and I am one of HIS SHEEP and HIS brother and friend.

Whether you're a Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Catholic, non-denominational or independent, etc., the most important thing is being true to Jesus Christ in all you do and say.

Personally, I've made a "conclusion in Christ" and I'm following HIS example as HE instructed us.

Please listen to a short AUDIO recorded statement declaring my belief:

What is His Calling?

His calling is to share the MESSAGE OF JESUS as recorded in the Holy Bible, using only the WORDS OF JESUS.

He was first called at 23 and told he would be a teacher for Jesus. Then in 1998, while in prayer, the Holy Spirit instructed him to fast, pray and walk for one day per year of his life. He did this walk, drinking only water, juice and decaf coffee, while feasting on the THE WORD as food, always remembering what Jesus said . . . "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God" Luke 4:4

“While on this fast, my spirit was broken, my heart repented of my sins and I wept for days and weeks. When I was done, I was restored, renewed and cleansed and I haven’t been the same since." (T. Christian)

Three years later (after the fast) while in prayer, the Holy Spirit told him to begin preparing for his ministry by composing a book using only the words of Jesus as they were recorded in the NKJB. This book would be dedicated to all Christians: the young, the old, whether new believers or life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

His book - What Did Jesus Say... The Seven Messages from the Master is now available in Print, E-Book and Audio.

Where Did He Come From?

*In His Own Words

I was born to parents who were truly unequally yoked. My mother was raised Catholic however she would tell me later, she became a born again Christian after her first child (me). When we did go to church it would be a Full Gospel or Baptist denomination and that’s where I first had my born again experience.

My dad was a man who never went to church, and by the end of his life he mocked Christianity. In hindsight, I honestly don’t remember seeing my parents happy together and enjoying life. Even though my mother raised us with unconditional love, she would spend much of her time trying to explain away the abusive behavior of our dad, My dad’s family just kept excusing away his abusive behavior by saying “he was just raised that way”.

Because of the abuse, I developed a severe stuttering habit and I when I turned 16, I dropped out of school and left home. My sisters and brother each left home the same way and at the same age I did. Our mother would later apologize to us just before she died saying, she should have left him and protected her children.

At the age of 23, I had a near death experience and in this difficult experience I had a dream. In this dream, I was told that one day I would be a teacher for Jesus. Needless to say, I was scared at first because of my stuttering and lack of structured education however, I always had a child-like faith and trust in Jesus as My Lord.

After the dream, I was soon hired by the Dale Carnegie Organization and trained in sales and public speaking. I also met a man who taught me how to visually read and during the next few years I read several hundred books on the subject of personal growth and winning attitudes.

During my thirties, I worked with some of the greatest Motivational Speakers / Teachers and with their endorsements went on to deliver over 2,500 Motivational Speeches and Corporate seminars on the subject of ‘Winning Attitudes’. I ended every seminar giving thanks to God and directing my audience to pick up a red lettered edition Bible and read the words of Jesus.

While in prayer (summer of 2000) I was instructed to walk away from that career and prepare for my call to ministry by composing the book What Did Jesus Say. I was told, when the book was done, I’d be ready to teach and minister forevermore.

On Jan. 8, 2002, I got up early thinking I was going to edit my book and take it straight to the publisher when I received a call from my mother saying my dad just had a heart attack. Since I left home at 16, it had been several years since I saw my dad or visited his property. When I did go see my mother I could only visit her at a local restaurant close to her home.

My dad died 30 days later and I immediately returned home to take care of my mother. I lovingly put my book on hold and celebrated the next 3 years with her before she died. I surrounded her property with 1000 white Christmas lights for the last 1000 days of her life (3years). The lights would come on at dusk and turn off at dawn and as her first born, I was truly blessed to breathe in her last breath of life.

After her death I returned to finishing my book. One day while helping a friend, I lifted something heavy and developed a 3 hernia back injury. I couldn’t walk and it would take 18 months before surgery could be arranged. The accumulated pain and medicine starting to effect my body and by the time I could get surgery my stress level was unbelievably high and my body started passing blood.

In Mar. 2009, 4 months after back surgery, I went to the hospital and the VA Doctors told me I had the worst case of bladder cancer they’ve seen. They told me I had to have an operation putting my bladder on the outside of my body or I would die in 3-5 years. Now that was scary!

Personally, I believed in prayer and fasting and if the Lord wanted me to live and finish this book then nothing could stop it. I had just finished re-reading the Book of Job and I understood this was my test not my penalty. Often times we see our tribulation as a penalty, not a test. With that in mind, I told the doctors to leave my bladder inside my body and I will pray, fast and trust the Lord.

After 3 operations and staying in the spirit of prayer and fasting, the VA Hospital released me two years later saying they couldn’t find any cancer in my body and I didn’t need to come back. Again as I returned to finish my book, I was challenged one more time with unexpected throat surgery which hindered my ability to professionally speak until June 2014. In the end, I believe, I was divinely healed and I stand today as a walking testimony of GODS GRACE.

During the last 12 years I’ve read and studied the New Testament with Bible Commentaries and finally in 2014 released the book- What Did Jesus Say. The Seven Messages from the Master, using only the words of Jesus.

Today, (2015) at 63, I am teaching the words of Jesus flavored with the words of Peter, James, John and Paul, just like the Lord said I would over 40 years ago.

That’s my personal story and it’s all true. If you’re a Christian, I ask you to join me in being the best example that we can be in Christ Jesus. Remember, non believers will always take our Christian example more seriously than our Christian advice.

In closing, I invite you to join me in our Christians HELPING Christians program and support our ministry. We are called, committed and dedicated to HELP every Christian we meet understand What Did Jesus Say.

In HIS LOVE I serve,


PS. I also invite you to visit our WDJS book website. Once I learned what Jesus said everything in my life got better and the more I walk with Jesus, the stronger I become..... Peace Be With You!

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