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WDJS: Author Special

The Author Special is available for a Ministry donation of $15 or more.

This special includes our What Did Jesus Say book (plus) a link to download our WDJS eBook and Audiobook.

This one of a kind book is beautifully illustrated with 170 pages in full color with large, easy to read text contains over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus as outlined in red in the NKJ Bible and composed into Seven Messages from the Master, without any added comments or opinions.

WDJS book reviews:
  • What Did JESUS Say" is truly a Blessing to the Christian Body. It introduces one to Jesus'sTone, Love, and Teaching for all to see and feel. Very Riveting Book you have produced as aguide in knowing JESUS Christ. Thank You for this Blessing-
  • This book is a real eye opener! Many Christians fail to really know what Jesus taught and sothey are not living or doing what he taught us to do or how to live. In reading "What did JesusSay", I did feel like Jesus was having a private conversation with me, teaching me how to walkthe walk and what it is and means to be a true follower of Christ.-

Remember: When you HELP US, you’re helping Christians worldwide (online) that you don’t know and they don’t know you, but GOD KNOWS US ALL.

After your donation is received, your book will be mailed and a link will be sent with instructions to download our WDJS eBook and AudiobookPlease note: FREE SHIPPING within USA, outside USA charges apply MAKE A DONATION TODAY!

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